The Camera Club Website is using an image website called flickr to link members’ images to the Club website.


If you would like your pictures to appear on the Camera Club website, you will need a free account on flickr and also a free Yahoo e-mail account – because flickr is operated by Yahoo.


We are doing this so that members have control of their own pictures – you can change them – and also it makes the job of running the Club website easier.


These links explain what to do (as of 19 October 2016)...


Once you have a Flickr account the instructions below tell you more...


Let me know by e-mail what name you want to appear on our Gallery page and the internet address at the top of the screen that begins

I will then put your name in the Camera Club Gallery page with a link to your pictures in flickr.


If you need help contact a member who already has his/her name on the Camera Club website here...



Mike Crofts.


e-mail...    mikecrofts (at) gmail (dot) com